The future of event ticketing.
Imagery of Match Fit Pass solutions

Match Fit Pass provides venues with a bespoke, white-labelled ticketing storefront that facilitates the full browsing, selection and payment process for single event tickets, season tickets, subscriptions or upgrades.

This aims to drastically reduce the administrative workload for your front and back office teams, allowing them to focus on optimising the overall event experience for your guests.

We provide high-fidelity 3D-models and 2D-interactive mapping during the booking process, which allows your customers to visualise the venue in more granular detail before selecting their block/seat.

MFP also puts an end to the much maligned “ticket tout” market. This is because each fan’s ticket is biometrically secured to their face. No match = no entry.

For season tickets, should a fan be unable to attend an event, they will have two options:

  • Gift the ticket to a friend or family member (provided they also have an MFP number). The transfer will alert the venue and the person will be checked against banning lists before it is approved.
  • Sell the ticket back to the venue. This will allow the venue to control the market for ticket resales, and ensures real fans aren’t priced out of the market.

All sounds great, right? But money makes the world go round- and you need to know how much you’re making…

With our real-time reporting & analytics, you can easily track your sales performance across all of your channels (online, box office, resellers, mobile app etc). These vital insights will allow you to fine-tune your sales & marketing efforts and drive further profitability for your venue.

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