COVID-19 Testing Solution

Book & register your tests with ease.
Imagery of Match Fit Pass solutions

Match Fit Pass has partnered with Blindspot Global to provide a fast, simple & secure way of registering your Covid-19 lateral flow tests. Once you have set up your MFP account, follow the instructions below:

To register your lateral flow test, head to Settings and select Testing. Here, you will see two options: Self Testing or Test Centre.

  • Enter your booking reference number. This may be on your passenger locator form, travel or event ticket, or proof of purchase document.
  • Now perform your lateral flow test, ensuring you follow the instructions included within the pack.
  • Once complete, position the test cassette on a plain background and take a clear photograph, ensuring the entirety of the test strip is within the frame.
  • Press “Continue” to upload.

Should your test be positive, you will be advised to isolate and follow the recommended guidance from the UK Government & NHS.

Should your test be inconclusive, the app will notify you and advise a retest at the earliest possible opportunity.

Should your test be negative, your Fit To Fly or Fit To Travel certificate will be automatically uploaded to the app, and your account will receive a green tick to show you are compliant with the current Covid safety standards.

The Match Fit Pass application is a ready-to-use testing solution that is suitable for sporting events, nightclubs, festivals, airlines, cruises & all forms of large gatherings.