Payments Solution

Ultra-secure payments with no spending limits.
Imagery of Match Fit Pass solutions

MFP users can tokenise their payment cards to allow them to make unlimited payments at participating retailers. Each transaction is verified using the customer’s unique SQRC, along with their biometric signature.

Each customer’s SQRC can be presented on a phone, smartwatch, wristband, card or keyring.

And don’t worry if you lose this. As your SQRC is biometrically secured to your face, it is useless to anyone other than you.

MFP allows venues to operate completely cashless, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of crimes being committed in and around the venue.

Working alongside our merchant partner, we can also provide cleared funds as a next day service.

For Merchants

  • Guaranteed age verification
  • Ends refund fraud
  • Next day payments
  • Membership platform for VIP customers
  • Potential to take cryptocurrency payments

For Consumer

  • Protects against card fraud
  • More secure than Apple Pay / standard QR Code solutions
  • Secure payment wristbands for events & venues
  • Ability to checkout with face
  • Future ability to pay with cryptocurrencies

Are you a venue or event business looking for payment solutions? Contact us to arrange a demo and in depth discussion via the Chat box.