We are proud to be partnered with leading organisations and businesses in hardware, software and hospitality.
Logo Denso Wave

DENSO WAVE is a global provider of premium solutions for mobile data capturing that help companies in retail, logistics or the healthcare sector to improve their warehouse management, guarantee complete data transparency and accelerate processes along the supply chain.

As the inventor of the QR Code® (a technology that has revolutionized the way data is stored and accessed), they strive for nothing less than perfection. That is why they test and perfect their hardware and software solutions to the utmost before they are available on the market. In this way, they ensure that you can concentrate fully on your tasks without having to worry about the technologies’ flawless functionality.

The solutions from DENSO WAVE include premium RFID readers, handheld terminals/mobile computers, barcode scanners, pocket scanners, wearable scanners and laser sensors through to complex and cloud based IoT data management systems.

Logo Blindspot Global

Blindspot Global have over 30 years + military army experience keeping safety is the core of what they do, allowing clients to feel comfortable throughout their everyday lifestyles.

During COVID-19 they have partnered with the key influencers to help bring the economy and workforce back as quickly & safely as possible. They have been providing COVID-19 PCR testing & antibody testing initially, and have moved swiftly on to the most recent LAMP test designed by the top 3 leading UK universities.

Blindspot Global also offer the 15 minute lateral Covid-19 test which is easy and efficient to use. They are government backed and FDA approved.