Events Solution

Delight your customers with seamless event experiences.
Imagery of Match Fit Pass solutions

Our paperless solution allows for a much more efficient venue entry process for staff and fans alike. Simply scan your SQRC on arrival using one of the scanners, verify this with your face, and you will be granted entry.

Age verification just got a whole lot easier, too. As each person’s MFP account is linked to their ID and verified by their face, your staff won’t have to play the guessing game with those baby-faced customers asking for alcohol.

From a counter-terrorism perspective, you can ensure that every person in your venue is exactly who they say they are. Our system can easily integrate with your internal database and flag anyone you have previously banned from entering.

But what about the benefits for fans?

Is there anything worse than queuing for a drink and missing a goal or that one song you’d been waiting for?

Say goodbye to those long queues with in-app food & drink purchases. Simply choose what you like, pay for it securely using your SQRC and your face, and then get a notification when it’s time to collect.

Venues can also segment and send in-app notifications to sections of fans. These notifications can be used for travel alerts, health & safety announcements, or even marketing offers.

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